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Baptisms and Confirmations

Baptisms and Confirmations - We welcome both events and now we have an intermediate between the two for young people from 8 years upwards can be admitted to Communion in a simple act by the local Vicar.   If you would like to know more just contact one of the Churchwardens and we can start the conversation there and make the necessary arrangements.


Step 1

Baptisms are held at normal Sunday Services unless a special service has to be delivered due to health or other problems.  

Our congregation loves having children and young people in church; and should the odd one or two need something to keep them occupied we have a box of toys that they can play with during the service.

We have a small table and chairs for little ones to sit and play or colour in using our books and crayons.   Parents may sit with them during services.


Step 1

Confirmations are are performed by a Bishop and by arrangement which we discuss with you, children who are old enough can be admitted to communion prior to taking full confirmation when they are of the right age. 

Being confirmed is an easy process and so is having a child under confirmation age "Admitted to Confirmation".  

Feel free to have a chat with the Vicar and Churchwardens if you want to know more.

Our Churchwardens can advise you on Baptisms and Confirmations and from there we arrange a visit from our Vicar to have a chat about your own circumstances.  Confirmation if you are not a regular churchgoer may involve a little more commitment prior to it taking place.  To find out more, Click here to send us a message and we will get back to you. 

The Parish Safeguarding Handbook can be seen here: -