We are very fortunate with our building and the windows which allow photographs to be taken without flash lighting on most days.  You will be made most welcome and our vicar is always ready to have a chat with you about your specific likes and needs.


Decorating the church helps to enhance this Very Special Day and our Flower Arrangers are happy to chat about your preferences and budget.   We can provide Pedestal Arrangements, along the Windows and along the aisle.  Having been in so many happy occasions the ladies who do the flowers know what works to show off the Bride and Ladies as they enter and leave the church.

Celia is always ready to chat about your needs and preferences and show you photos of they different arrangements should you, like most brides need a little help on the type of flowers available at various times of the year and the budget needed.

Pedestal Arrangement Example 1


Example of Pedestal Arrangement #3

Pedestal Arrangement Example 2


Small Boat Shaped Arrangement with Candle

Window Displays