From the Vicarage

Rev. Dr James (Jim) Bruce

From the Vicarage by Rev. Dr James Bruce

Dear Friends

Through January and early February we in the Church of England are thinking about the various ways in which Jesus was gradually revealed to be more than just a man, more than just a prophet. We struggle to see this through the eyes of those who were there, experiencing it all first time, be-cause the stories are so familiar.

First the wise men: how many? Where from? We’d call them Persian, Ara-bian, African possibly Asian and Indian scientists these days, following what must have been a very significant and memorable something like a bright star in the sky to find a young child. They said they’d come to see the one born to be King…

Then Jesus at 30 years of age being dunked, baptised in a river. 

The eye-witnesses saw a very significant and memorable bright light landing on Jesus, looking like a dove, and heard a voice: “This is my Son: I’m delighted with Him!”

Then Jesus gathered his first followers: he invited them, “Come and see.” Andrew (who we know little about) went and got his brother, inviting him to come and see. Simon was nicknamed ‘Rocky,’ Peter, and became one of the most famous and significant followers of Jesus. He even has a basilica named after him in Rome.

One shall tell another, and they shall tell their friends…

Come and see!

God Bless Us, as we trust in Christ to transform us, our churches and our communities.


Transitional Team Rector, Cartmel Peninsular Team Ministry

St Anne's Haverthwaite Where we began

Consecrated in 1825 by the Bishop of Chester

The church was built between 1923 and 1825 and funded by Public Subscriptions. It was originally a Chapel of Ease under Colton Parish, and without a legally defined district to which it could be associated to serve. Later it became a parish in it's own right.

The Haverthwaite Registers begin as follows: -