Rev Jim's Recommended Reading


We are an Anglican Church Website so you will see some recommends about our faith, but that does not mean we don't read anything else except books about what we happen to believe in.

So in these pages you will find a number of books for adults and children on Our Faith, Good Fiction Yarns, Educational and Biographical etc.  So quite a mix.


A History of St Anne's Vol 1 1825 - 1951

A Book on the History of St Anne's Haverthwaite Vol 1 is now on sale both in paperback and in digital format.

Paperbacks are available from this website

Digital Copies are available on Amazon Kindle

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Rev Jim says:   Over the years I have carried out a number of research projects including my Phd among other things.  And even as an Anglican Priest I always found the King James Bible difficult to read and if you are the same, find a bible you can read.   We will be recommending some in this section.


Simply Jesus

An excerpt From the back of the book:

Who was - and is- Jesus of Nazareth?  This is a simple question that every Christian Must ask.  A multitude of different voices and centuries of church tradition have made it difficult for us to see Jesus the way his own contemporaries saw him, and to understand him in the way that he wanted to be understood.   This book places Jesus firmly within his own context, and shows how startlingly releveant he is to our own day as well.

Few people get to the hub of a subject as quickly as Tom Wright and then turn it into an extremely readable story.   I've read a number of his books on Christianity and they have all been a good read and explained some complicated stories with simple logic.   DB


Cover to Cover Complete: Through the Bible as It Happened

by Selwyn Hughes &Trevor J Partridge (Author)

Take an exciting, year-long journey through the Bible, following events as they happened. Increase your confidence in the Bible as you see Gods strategic plan and purposes unfold across the centuries.

You will be amazed at the genius of Gods promise plan, and you will come to know your heavenly Father in a deeper way as you read through His Word chronologically. The full text of the flowing Holman Christian Standard translation (HCSB) augmented by beautiful illustrations, maps, charts, diagrams, and a timeline provides a highly motivating reading experience.

The daily reading structure of Cover to Cover Complete makes it easy to complete the entire Bible in one year, and key Scripture verses and devotional thoughts make each days reading more meaningful.


Recommendations For our Young People


Stories Jesus Told

A Charming book ideal for reading to children at Bedtime or any other time and a bit different from other anthologies.  Children relate to stories and there was never a better storyteller than Jesus.   Some excellent illustrations accompany the stories of -

The Two Sons; The Precious Pearl; The House on the Rock; The Good Stranger; The Little Gate; The Rich Farmer; The Ten Silver Coins; The Lost Sheep.


Easy to Read Bible's

Good News Bible

Like Rev. Jim, many of us find the Bible a difficult read, and when you get a decent edition that makes it so much easier it's great.

We have a couple of Bible's in church which were presented to the church by the Mother's Union before it disbanded and these are easy to follow.

We will also add some others as we work through our list of recommendations.