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Haverthwaite Abroad?

St Anne's Haverthwaite

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Haverthwaite Abroad Keeping in Touch With Our Ex Pats

Haverthwaite Abroad Keeping up with our Ex Pats: - 

We start this section with a long look back to where we first see correspondence from our Kindred abroad.  

Then we will be coming up to date with old friends in places like Australia, South Africa and probably some other places as well.

If you have family overseas maybe they would like to contribute as well.  Let's hope so.  Where we have photos you will see them, but the further back we go the less chance of photos.  Never mind, the story and journey will be good.

To Set The Ball Rolling

In December 1932 Archdeacon Godfrey Scott Smith wrote in the Parish Magazine the following:

I have had a delightful letter from Mr John Cole, of “Haverthwaite House” 33 Cromwell Road, Mount Eden, Auckland, New Zealand.  

He and Mrs Cole celebrated their Diamond Wedding on Sept 23rd of this year and are now in their eighty second and eighty fourth years. 

At the time of their arrival in Haverthwaite in 1878 he met “A very strong Churchman and his wife named Mr and Mrs Rowland Atkinson for whom I have most grateful remembrance because, through Mrs Atkinson I was brought to the knowledge of Christ as my Redeemer and Friend.

At Baresyke I knew Miss Annie Atkinson and her two brothers, all connected with the Church.  I was connected in business with Mr W Hogarth of Lowwood Inn, he being Blacksmith at that time”.

Mr Cole became the carpenter and joiner of the district, and shortly before they left here in 1885, he made the Oak Altar Rails in the Church and two of the Choir stalls with their Maltese Crosses carved on the ends.

Mr Cole is Blind, and had to dictate his letter, but we can see from it the source of his happiness and interest in his old home, and I hope you will do as I have done, if you remember him, a long letter of home news.  He much hopes some of his old friends will do this.

Mr Cole and his partner, Mr A Moody, carried out some important contracts in New Zealand, including the laying of the first water supply from Lake Pupuke to Mount Victoria, and the building of warehouses. 

We in Haverthwaite will remember him and his wife on our list of “Haverthwaite Abroad” and we wish them that peace and happiness in the evening of life which we know they have the Master Key.

The Archdeacon returns to Mr Cole in April 1933: -

Mr James Cole, (John was my mistake) has sent me another delightful letter from New Zealand in which he tells about Samuel Tyson who is also on our Diocese List in the Church.  

He says; Samuel Tyson was my apprentice in Haverthwaite, and at the urgent request of his father and mother I brought him out with me to serve the balance of his apprenticeship…… 

He became Secretary of the Carpenters’ Union, then first Inspector of Arbitration Court Awards in Auckland; then a government appointment as Factory Inspector for the South Island, resident at Nelson for 18 years, then Inspector of Factories for all workers for the whole of New Zealand, which duty he efficiently and satisfactorily filled.  Now he is retired on superannuation.  He lives in the suburbs of Auckland and has brought up a family of 10.  

He fills in his energetic moments in his garden which is a plot to be proud of.

Well, there we have a story of our Ex Pats from almost a century ago.   I wonder how many of their children survived them and if they would like to write to us and let us know how they are?  

If you are one of the descendants of Mr Cole or My Tyson, please get in touch and let us know how you are?

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