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Publications - a small enough word that covers so much more than we think.  In this section of the website we like to focus on Local Authors, Local Publications, News, Articles and Recommendations of any of these we have found useful and informative.  We hope you enjoy the contents.

Publications - Books, Articles, News and Recommendations

The content in this section is just building up so perhaps the first thing to do is to look at our New parish Magazine which was called the Pew Sheet but is now called The Parish Broadcast!  See Below, if you are on a computer or smart phone you'll be able to read it like a book.  At the time of going to Press the Soapbox Derby was still planned, however, we have had to postpone it until the Spring - apologies for this, but it was beyond our control. 

Read The Parish Broadcast For September 2019 Now..

How to download the The Parish Broadcast

Once you've download the file you can print it out in booklet format using your printer settings for book printing, or just as a normal page file, which ever is easiest for you. 

So far the Booklets have been handed out at church or given to others by hand when its been taken home to share, but the internet makes distribution of such publications easy and cost effective, much more so that printing out a few hundred of them for delivery.   We were rarely able to cover costs of the old Parish Magazine, as printing took most if not all of the profit from the publication.  We hope you enjoy the read, and recognise some of the people in the booklet.  Please feel free to print a second or third copy and let someone who lives near you but does not have a computer or printer see the Magazine.   It will always focus on our Community.

Past Pew Sheets and Parish Broadcasts will soon be available to download.

Parish Magazine
The Parish Broadcast Issue 2 Oct 10
The Parish Broadcast

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