From the Vicarage

From the Vicarage by Rev. Dr James Bruce on 100 Days of Listening

Dear Friends

During the hundred or so days before Christmas, †Emma, Bishop of Penrith, is asking us to contact her to let her know how we would like to see the Diocesan Vision be refreshed for the five years after 2020.

The current vision, called “God for All” aimed at giving everyone in Cumbria, by 2020 “an opportunity to discover more of God and God’s purpose for their lives so that they will discover more of Jesus and the Good News and become followers of Jesus within a Christian Community.”

God for All followed on from the previous Vision: “Growing Disciples.” A discussion amongst the Clergy in our Deanery with  †Emma recognised that in our parishes, we’d only started to get into Growing Disciples when God for All came along, and God for All has proved a bit complex to grasp and act on for many of us.

How can we respond?  What should we be focusing on for 2021-2025/6?

I’ve shared in numerous places my own strange experience: while I was preaching, the words “I will Build My Church” Came into my awareness, not once, nor twice but three times, each time louder than before.  

(This of course is from Matthew’s Gospel 18:18) And I responded, still preaching, “If building your church is Your Job, Lord, what’s mine/ours?”  And quick as a flash I knew the answer:  “Go And Make Disciples!” 

This of course is Jesus’ commission to his first disciples.  He says disciples are to make disciples, baptise them, and teach them to do everything he commanded. (Matthew 28:19)

20:20 is normally about having good vision. Pray that we’ll see how we can do what Jesus says!

God Bless Us, as we trust in Christ to transform us, our churches and our communities.


Transitional Team Rector,

Cartmel Peninsular Team Ministry

From The Vicarage - The Crucifix
St Anne's Haverthwaite looking west from south east

The Altar Crucifix and St Anne's from the South East Looking West.

Now for those who are visiting us let us explain a little of who we are and where the church came from almost 200 years ago.

We have a 375 page book available on the history of the church form 1925 to 1951 Vol 1. priced £19:99 plus postage should you like a copy.  And if you are passing please call in and say hello!

St Anne's Haverthwaite - Where we began

Consecrated in 1825 by the Bishop of Chester

The church was built between 1923 and 1825 and funded by Public Subscriptions. It was originally a Chapel of Ease under Colton Parish, and without a legally defined district to which it could be associated to serve. Later it became a parish in it's own right.

The Haverthwaite Registers begin as follows: -