How To Donate

How to donate – For One Off Donations Click the Link Below it will take you to our form for completion.

One Off giving Donations Secure Link

One off Giving is designed for single donations towards the work of the Church in our own Parish and further afield.

Your Donation helps the church manage cash flow and running costs as well as allowing us to plan maintenance (an ever growing demand when buildings get as old as ours do)  and finance community projects where there can be much need in such uncertain times.

If you have made a one off donation

Bless You – Thank you So Much for Supporting Us

How to Set up Regular Donation – Click the Link Below

If you are a well wishing supporter or a Parishioner and would like to easily set up a monthly payment for the work of the church, Click on The  Link Below  which will take you to our secure form.

We find that some of our regular churchgoers like to set up a basic monthly payment in case they are unable to make the Sunday Service and when they can attend simply put a nominal amount into the collection plate to show “giving”.

Monthly donations really help with cash flow especially in the winter when those bleak winds doth blow and heating seems to get so much more expensive.

Bless You – Thank You So Much for Supporting Us

Your Donation will Help This Vibrant Church Make A Difference Locally and Further Afield!

Your Donations will help up carry on the work of the church Locally and Further Afield.

Why not Get involved and make a difference!

This vibrant Church based in South Lakes does as much as it can in and for the community, but we could do more if only we had the people to run projects, or to lend a hand.

Our congregation is getting on a bit, and the more help we can get the better we can make our community for everyone who lives and/or works here.

Would You Like To Come and Join The Team?

Simply send us an email and we will get back to you, alternatively you might like to attend one of our services and speak to us in person.


Get Involved Make a Difference!

Yes, we are a Church, but you don’t have to believe in God to get involved with us on Community or Church Projects!

What we are looking for are people who want to help our community and can give us some of their time to help us deliver projects that make a difference to our Community.  Perhaps that might be on a weekly basis or simply occasionally.  Whatever time you can give will be Very Welcome and Appreciated.

If you would like to get involved in our fund raising events such as putting on Coffee Mornings, Afternoon Teas, Celebrations, Crafts, Children’s events, Senior Citizens events, then please speak to Celia or Dave on 31338.

Flower Arranging

Want to learn Flower Arranging?   Our Flower Ladies would be happy to see you.  Don’t worry if you have never done any flower arranging before, you’ll soon pick it up while you have a good natter.   You’ll learn while you get involved with creating some designs for Weddings and Funerals as well as other events in our calendar.

Here Are Some of our Projects – Could You Help?

The Gardening Club

You will have seen on our Home Page that the

club is RHS Affiliated.  We will be opening membership this year.

Learn More

How to donate - The Big Summer Gig

The BIG Christmas Tree GIG!

We are planning a Big Christmas Tree Gig where we all get together on the churchyard lawn to eat drink and be merry while supporting our community



How to donate - St Anne's Haverthwaite Videos - Christmas Tree Festival

The Christmas Tree Festival 2023



The Ladies Club

Different to what the Mother’s Union was I expect but none the less important for our lasses getting together for all manner of things from learning craft skills to baking and cooking and whatever they decide


The Man  Shed

For Dads and at times Lad’s and Dads

But again I don’t want to be prescriptive, like the ladies club it will be for fellowship and making things better for us all in some shape or form.  We don’t have a shed or workshop but that will come in time .  More important to get things going and help one another.


If you would like to get involved a little or a lot, just fill in the form below and we’ll get back to you

We’re not looking for anyone to commit lots of time, just whatever you can manage.  Maybe you have some new ideas?  Or you might like us to help your group in the community in some way.   Let us know and let’s see how we can make a difference together.

Call 31338 or Email us


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