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Christmas Eve Service at St Anne's Haverthwaite

Welcome to St Anne's 

Oh Boy, have we fallen behind with updating our website this year. So much going on that tasks you think you will get back to quickly, soon get forgotten amongst all the noise of family and business life in the 21st century.

Church is quite an unusual mix of family and business life, and I think many of us feel that way in such uncertain times with our own lives and jobs wherever we work.  But, we're on the case now and will be refreshing much of the content over the next month or so.

Changes are still ongoing within the old Benefice and we're waiting for the new Benefice to be finalised and created.    Few things move quickly when you want them to do they?   The old saying 'A watched kettle never boils' seems quite true when you are gagging for a cup of tea. Still, it will all come together sooner or later, so not point worrying about the passage of time - there is little we can do about it.

Some Jubilee Flowers in Church

The Platinum Jubilee Lunch

The Queen's Jubilee Cake

The Queen's Jubilee Cake

Delicious Cake made by Grace Barker

The Queen's Jubilee Trifle

The Jubilee Trifle 

So Tasty Jubilee Trifle made by Margaret Whiteside

The Jubilee Lunch Spread

The Jubilee Lunch Spread

The Lunch spread made by members of the congregation

Arriving for Jubilee Lunch

Arriving For Lunch

Seating arranged by Celia 

The Jubilee Lunch Spread with Lynda

The Jubilee Spread and Lynda 

Not much left after lunch I can tell you!!!

St Anne's Looking west

St Anne's Parish Church

We're coming up to our Bicentennial in 2025 and planning on having a big party for that one!

In the mean time our work carries on and our growth continues slowly which seems to buck the trend to many rural churches.

Come and join us every Sunday at 11 am.   

Favourite Hymns 

Hymns to sing anytime.

In Christ Alone

Vibrant Church South Lakes UK says - 

They Don't Have to be from Years Ago to be Great

This one "In Christ Alone" was written by Keith Getty and Stewart Townend and has become a firm favourite of congregations Young and Old.

What makes a hymn or song magic and memorable is the combination of the shear poetry of beautiful words dovetailed into a fantastic catchy Tune.

I get asked for this hymn regularly.

Sung here by Keith Getty and his wife Krystyn

You can see/hear Them on YouTube:

Here's the link:

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