St Anne’s Haverthwaite

St Anne's Haverthwaite

At the moment we are in what the church calls an “Interregnum” a posh word for not having a resident Vicar so Churchwardens shoulder the service rota in-between Clergy led services. The only thing we miss in Lay led services is Holy Communion but it also means that those services which are lay led can bring in innovations and fresh expressions to the services as they are less formal than a Eucharist service.

After each service we have Tea/Coffee in the hall and a really good natter which means a lot to country folk. Many of them don’t see one another too much during the week, so Sunday services become the catch up day for a laugh and chuckle alongside the natter.

If you like the sound of that – why not join us at one of our services, and have a cuppa and a natter!

Below the services poster for April is a taster of our community news which you can read on the screen or download.

April 2024

April 2024 Services

Please come and visit St Anne’s, children are welcome and when we know they are coming we try to involve them in the service in some way, we also keep a small amount of toys for the toddlers and young people to play with.

We don’t care whether you believe in God, or Jesus, what matters to us is that you are here and joining in with what we churched folk call Fellowship. It can and does make a big difference to village life when we get together to do things within our community and we are always looking to support projects that make for a better life for our residents near and far.