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Christmas Eve Service at St Anne's Haverthwaite

Christmas Tree Festival Replay

We'll be setting up the Christmas Tree Festival from Monday 29th November with the festival opening on Sunday 5th December at the 11:00 am Service.

The poster will be up soon with contact details to book times that suit you to set your tree up in the church.

The Christmas Trees have made the church look and feel great, and all who attended the Crib Service on at 3:00 pm on Christmas Eve has said how it really kicked off Christmas for them. 

Favourite Hymns 

Vibrant Church South Lakes UK

Hymns to sing anytime.

In Christ Alone

Vibrant Church South Lakes UK says - 

They Don't Have to be from Years Ago to be Great

This one "In Christ Alone" was written by Keith Getty and Stewart Townend and has become a firm favourite of congregations Young and Old.

What makes a hymn or song magic and memorable is the combination of the shear poetry of beautiful words dovetailed into a fantastic catchy Tune.

I get asked for this hymn regularly.

Sung here by Keith Getty and his wife Krystyn

You can see/hear Them on YouTube:

Here's the link:

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