The Music Group at St Anne’s

We will be probably be looking to re-form The Music Group in the next couple of months. Those of you who came to our concerts will recall some excellent evenings supporting a Community Choir many of whom had sung very little since leaving school. We all had fun at rehearsals and when we delivered our concerts, which raised money towards buying the sound equipment, keyboards and all the essentials needed to stage a musical event.

We’ll keep you posted and if you would like to be part of the Group just let me know on (david at amhost. co. uk)

Music at St Anne’s

St Anne’s Haverthwaite has been offering music and singing to our community for some time now. In our concert’s we have featured a number or north west artists including the Fantastic Jess Gillam. Sadly when Jess Gillam played for us we didn’t have a video with us so if she ever feels she would like to play again we’d make sure we had one. But I’m afraid Jess is far too busy now and good luck to her. Lovely talented Lady who deserves much success. Thank you Jess for being with us.

Jess played a piece by Richard Rodney Bennet (1936-2012) whom many of you reading this would probably never have heard of. Richard was a brilliant composer and pianist, he was also married to one of my favourite Jazz and swing singers, Marion Montgomery who had a lovely silky voice. (more about them below)

We had nothing to do with Jess’s meteoric rise and she was kind enough to appear with our community group at one of our concerts, needless to say, she brought the house down.

We certainly recommend you pay her website a visit to find out what she has been up to recently. Click the link to her name above.

Our Other Concert Stars…

Danielle Louise Thomas, Julia and Michael Carroll to name but a few sing with us whenever their busy schedules permit. Both Julia and Michael have a stage background having starred in productions of Carousel, Oklahoma, Camelot and many more. Danielle has focused on the classical side of singing and has appeared with a number of superb Orchestras and Bands. Click on Danielle’s name above and you will be able to see and hear much more of her career. A Grand Lass… we are happy to call her a friend.

Julia Carroll is a Soprano and Michael Carroll is a Baritone. I’ll do more about Julia and Michael soon.

Let’s have a listen to Danielle

Julia Carroll – Soprano

Julia did so much for us in the Music Group along side her husband Michael. Here is a recording we did at a Rehearsal for a Gig we did in church to raise money for good causes. I could listen to this song sung by Julia forever, what a lovely rendition of a cracking tune with great words. The two don’t always go together, but here they do.

We managed to raise some well needed cash to keep the church open and for local community Projects, of course we don’t claim any copyright on the song, we just want others to know this lovely song is out there to hear and sing along with. Let’s hear Julia.

I’m trying to find a video of Michael Carroll singing with us, but can’t at the moment, I had one but lost it when my old laptop died.

Dave Birchall – Bass Baritone

Below we have David rehearsing for one of our concerts a year or so before Covid hit. Lovely evening had by all which raised some funds for our Music and community fund.

About people I mentioned above…

I mentioned above Richard Rodney Bennett and Marion Montgomery, so here below is a taster of their skills and musicality. I still love it after all these years….

Sir Richard Rodney Bennett.

Neither Sir Richard (Below) or his wife Marion Montgomery appeared at St Anne’s but I couldn’t miss this opportunity of plugging him and his wife who can be seen and heard on YouTube where these recording comes from.

Marion Montgomery

Singing at Ronnie Scots – A lovely silky voice, no vibrato here… This is the kind of music I grew up with Her husband, Sir Richard used to accompany her often at sessions, concerts and on TV. Pure Class. Again Marion was beyond our reach when we were running the group, but you can dream can’t you….