The Parish Broadcast

The Parish Newsletter from St Anne’s Haverthwaite

The Parish Broadcast is kicking off again now our new website is up and running, it’s aim is to keep our community informed of what goes on within our parish and further afield. Hopefully we can together generate ideas and innovate activities and projects that make our Parish one of the best places to live, work and have fun.

The Latest from the Parish Broadcast

Our History:

This community has been around for many years with the introduction of Christianity going back to St Cuthbert who was born in 634 AD. We’ve always been a “working” parish/village or what was once called ‘a Township’. I’m personally not sure which title I prefer, Township or Village. Once seems a little more idyllic than the other, and perhaps the fact that we have just about always been a commercial and industrial centre since long before Henry 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th, maybe ‘Township’ describes our little patch of the universe more accurately. It’s a matter or personal preference I suppose.

Whatever we get called, we’ve been here since long before the Romans and long may we continue.

Since the time of Henry VIII we’ve had connections with all kinds of industries, from Agriculture and mining, cotton milling, to iron, steel and gunpowder making sometimes being at the cutting edge of industrial change. So, something to be proud of.

The Backbarrow Furnace circa 1850.