The Gardening Club

St Anne's Haverthwaite

A Host of Golden Daffodils…

We are blessed every year with a wonderful show of daffs; what a lovely sight as you walk down to church. These wonderful blooms ask little from us except a little TLC now and then. We formed the Gardening Club just before Covid broke out, and since the rush to try to get all things back to normal with less people we are still behind our plans for the future.

We are affiliated to the RHS and will soon be looking to invite new members to join us.

One of our objectives is to create a way which allows young and older people to perhaps look at Horticulture as a long term job prospect. The young who may never have thought it possible and for those in their later years who maybe having to look for new careers due to the way jobs markets change and to work for one employer for 40 years is now far from the norm.

Allied to this as we grow is to use gardening as a way to have fulfilment in our lives not just for the able bodied but also for those who may have learning difficulties or other health issues.

Would you like to help us achieve these goals? Then give us a call or fill in the contact form and we can have a chat.