About Us

St Anne's Church

The Church building dates from the latter part of the Georgian Period and visitors will recognise the lightness of the architecture as opposed to the Victorian era which followed and leaned more to heavier and darker buildings often in a Gothic style.

St Anne’s Chapel, Haverthwaite, was built between 1823/24 and 1825 from local subscriptions, which were aided by a grant from the Incorporated Society for Promoting the Enlargement, Building, and Repairing of Churches and Chapels. 

St Anne’s and the small piece of ground in which it stands, (the churchyard) was consecrated on 26th August 1825 by Dr Charles James Blomfield, the Bishop of Chester.   At this time, it is said that the Chapel could seat 340 persons, today it seats 220.

Registers: A Register of Baptisms began in November 1832

Burials in February 1833: Earlier baptisms and burials were registered at Colton, Cartmel or Hawkshead.

Marriages in October 1862: No earlier marriages were celebrated here.

We’re a Happy and quite Vibrant Church Community.

We are probably one of the most friendly churches you could be part of, OK I’m blowing our own trumpet, but everyone who comes and joins us or revisits us say what a friendly lot we are. Sadly we are kept going by between 15 to 25 regular attendees, thankfully we punch above out weight so we manage to keep going.

What’s Occurring?

We have a number of events and clubs where people can interact or take part which include…

The Gardening Club: – RHS Affiliated

The Lunch Club: We meet up monthly on the second Wednesday for a good natter and lovely lunch.

The Music Group: We are in the process of reforming our community choir and staging concerts to raise money for good causes. Over the years we have been going we have featured talent who are local and those from further afield. Jess Gillam has appeared with us as has Danielle Louise Thomas. See more on our Music Page.

And There’s More to Come this year!